About Me

Oops, well I guess you don't get to see my picture today ;)

My name is Marni and this is my blog. I’m here to help out my audience by blogging about things they might struggle with (as do I), or topics they might be interested in. I guess that if you are reading this, you are my audience. Hi, welcome! *waves* *blushes*

I want to introduce myself a little bit better so you can get to know me as a person and (hopefully) be interested in what I have to write. My name is Marni (I’m sure you haven’t forgotten so quickly) and I live in South Africa in the continent of (you guessed it) Africa. Let’s get the usual questions out of the way. No, I don’t live amongst lions or elephants or any wild animals. I have a pet rabbit and save for a few scratches, she’s quite tame. I’m a student in university (we have those here) and I’m studying to become a Chartered Accountant. My passion is writing and singing. Therefore I sing in the university’s choir and I often write poems and short stories.

I feel like there are a lot of teenagers/ students out there who have a lot of struggles. I’ve had quite a few, so I would like to share my experiences and my road of learning with you. Of course, I will post about other lifestyle-related things as well. I might find new interests along the way that I want to share with my audience. Feel free to let me know anytime if there’s something specific I should write about that you are interested in. My main goal is to keep my audience happy while I enjoy doing one of my favourite things, which is writing.


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I would like to explain the name of the blog. That Blue Flower must seem quite vague, but it’s actually referring to a forget-me-not flower. This is significant to me because of my boyfriend. Up until September of 2017, we thought he was going to the same university that I’m going to. Unfortunately, due to low admission spots, he was unable to get accepted.

This blog is a dedication to him. We are going to continue dating but as long-distance. This blog is my way of reminding me that we will only be apart for some time and that it will all be worth it and so I know he will forget-me-not. I would like to share the journey of transitioning into a long distance relationship with you. I will let you know of any tips I have and what to expect. There are a lot of people who are in long distance relationships, so if you are struggling with it, comment on one of the LDR posts or email me with your worries. I promise to be a shoulder you can cry on. Just don’t expect to be crying forever; before you know it, you can be together for good.

I am in no way an expert at life (are any of us really?), but I have learned a thing or two over the years. I promise to do extensive research about any facts I’m not 100% sure of. I’m quite the perfectionist.

Feel free to send an email to marni@thatblueflower.com, so I can get to know you and share some stories. My social media accounts are at the top or bottom of this page. I hope to hear from you soon.

Marni xox