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I Got Accepted for AdSense With a 3 Week Old Blog!

Google AdSense | AdSense application process | What you need for AdSenseAdSense. The ad service that new bloggers hope to put on their blog to start earning money. Unfortunately, it’s getting more and more difficult to get accepted into the program and it causes a lot of bloggers to feel defeated.

I was very determined to be accepted, so I read a few other bloggers’ posts about AdSense to know what to expect.

I was very optimistic and submitted my blog when it was not even launched yet. So, of course, I was denied. I tried again soon after my first post was up and I was denied again because of low view counts.

I waited a while and made sure that I had everything that was required by Google and submitted my blog again. I did not think that I would get in, so I forgot about it for about a week. Out of the blue, I received an email and I nearly fell off my chair.

AdSense approved my blog that was barely three weeks old!

It is possible for you to get accepted if you have all the right elements on your blog, even if you have low views in the first while.

Google AdSense | AdSense application process | What you need for AdSenseSo what did I have on my blog at the time?

I will share everything I had on my blog, so you can see what you have to do to be accepted. Don’t want to read it all? I created an AdSense checklist for your blog. Get your checklist here!

1. Amount of content

I had 11 posts up around the time I was accepted. My posts had been spread over the first three weeks of my blog. They had proper SEO titles and keywords as well as tags that described them.

I have clear categories for my blog posts and all of my posts were categorised.

2. Layout of my blog

My blog has a navigation tab at the top for easy access to my different pages and categories. I also have Popular Posts and Related Posts widgets in my sidebar.

When someone loads my homepage, they can choose to read my latest post or search my blog for content.

3. Important pages

Something I’m very glad about reading was a post about the required pages for AdSense. Google has very set rules about the documentation that needs to be on your blog for you to be approved.

I have a Contact, Disclaimer, About Me and Privacy Policy pages. These are really important to have so Google employees can make sure you’re a real person and that you have your blog set up right. Having a photo and an “About Author” widget is also a good idea.

4. Page views

I’m not completely sure about the number of page views I had when I was accepted, but I’ll give you an idea. At the time of me typing this, 820 people have viewed my blog. It’s not a staggering number; I’m only starting out. But this just shows that you don’t need a huge audience for your blog to be approved.

5. Pictures and Alt-tags

I use a lot of pictures in my posts because I don’t want to bore people with paragraphs of never-ending text. All of my pictures have descriptions in their Alt-tags, so it’s possible for Google to ‘read’ them.

6. Links to other posts

I try to link some of my other posts whenever it is relevant. This is important so that everything on your site is linked and it’s possible to spot your niche from your posts.

This will also allow you to later utilise those links to enable click-ads.

I hope that this will help you in your application for AdSense. Let me know how it goes! Don’t forget your checklist.

Good luck!

Marni xox

Google AdSense | AdSense application process | What you need for AdSense

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  1. Great to know! I’ve been searching for a post like this. I tried just before launching and was rejected (before I knew there were ‘rules’). So I’ve held off applying again until I knew the requirements. Might try again soon! Thanks

  2. Great to know. With very low views and content you have been approved by google. Nice work. You were really organized, well-detailed and you planned well for it. I have large views but have not ask for approval yet.

  3. Fantastic post. It really breaks down what you had to do to get adsense to approve. You’ve done a great job and it’s nice to see how it can be done with a new blog.

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