Lotus Herbal Smoke Recipe

Lotus Herbal Smoke Recipe

That Blue Flower presents an exciting opportunity to create your own herbal smoke blends with the mystical blue lotus flower. Incorporating the therapeutic benefits of blue lotus, such as stress reduction and mood improvement, this lotus herbal smoke recipe is sure to elevate your smoking experience.

Advantages of Making Your Own Herbal Smoking Blends

Crafting your own herbal smoking blends offers numerous advantages that will enhance your smoking journey. By delving into the DIY route, you gain a sense of empowerment and control over your ingredients and flavor profiles. Using fresh, organic herbs allows you to enjoy the purest smoking experience possible. Plus, it can save you money in the long run!

Steps to Make Blue Lotus Herbal Smoking Blends

Follow these simple steps to create your very own blue lotus herbal smoking blend:

  1. Gather the Necessary Herbs and Spices: Start by gathering high-quality ingredients. To complement the blue lotus flower, consider adding herbs such as damiana, skullcap, marshmallow leaf, catnip, and lavender for added flavor and benefits.

  2. Grind and Mix Herbs: Take your collection of herbs and spices and grind them to create a cohesive blend. A coffee grinder or mortar and pestle work well for this step. Make sure to mix them evenly to achieve a balanced combination of flavors and effects.

  3. Roll the Blend or Use a Pipe: Once your blend is ready, you have the option to roll it into paper cones or smoke it using a pipe. For a convenient and enjoyable experience, try pre-rolls like BREATHE Herbal Pre-Rolls or DREAM Herbal Pre-Rolls from That Blue Flower.

  4. Experiment and Personalize: Feel free to experiment with different herbs and flavors to find your perfect blend. Customize it according to your preferences, ensuring a one-of-a-kind smoking experience every time.

Smoothing Out the Taste

While blue lotus offers a sweet and slightly bitter taste, you may wish to add herbs that can smooth out the overall flavor of your blend. Consider including herbs such as mullein, coltsfoot, marshmallow leaf, and raspberry leaf to balance the tastes and enhance your smoking experience.

Blue Lotus Herbal Smoke Recipe

Here's a delicious blue lotus herbal smoke blend recipe to get you started:

  • 2 parts Blue Lotus Flower
  • 1 part Damiana
  • 1 part Skullcap
  • 1 part Marshmallow Leaf
  • 1 part Catnip
  • 1 part Lavender

Grind the mixture evenly using a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle. Once ready, store the blend in an airtight container to preserve its freshness and potency. Remember to mix well before use to ensure an even distribution of flavors and effects.

A Note on Smoking Lobelia

As an optional ingredient, you may choose to add lobelia to your blend. Lobelia has similarities to nicotine and can provide mild relaxation and euphoria. However, it's important to research its potential side effects and use it sparingly if you decide to include it in your recipe. Feel free to adjust the ingredients in this recipe according to your taste and preferences.


Creating your own herbal smoking blends with blue lotus opens a world of possibilities for relaxation, rejuvenation, and exploration. By following this lotus herbal smoke recipe, you can enjoy the benefits of blue lotus while personalizing your smoking experience. Let your creativity flow and embrace the diverse range of flavors and effects that await you!

Remember to source your organic blue lotus flower and other herbs from reputable brands like That Blue Flower. Their commitment to organic, sustainable sourcing from a family-owned farm in Thailand ensures that every puff of your lotus herbal smoke blend is a conscious and satisfying experience.

So, why wait? Embark on this journey of self-expression and relaxation with blue lotus as your companion. Smell the aroma, savor the taste, and bask in the tranquility that herbal smoking blends bring.

Buy your Organic Blue Lotus Pre-Rolls from That Blue Flower today and elevate your smoking experience to new heights!

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