A few reasons why you should NOT be going on a diet
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Why You Should NOT Go On a Diet!

A few reasons why you should NOT be going on a diet

Nowadays everyone and their mom is on a diet. Yet people are still unhappy and unhealthy. Clearly, they’re doing something wrong. I can’t tell you about the number of times that I decided to start a diet and could not keep it up. I kept asking myself, “Why does this keep happening?”.

A few reasons why you should NOT be going on a dietWhat it means to go on a diet

When you’re on a diet, you concentrate on your weight and the food you eat almost obsessively. And then once you reach your goal, all your healthy habits go right out the window.

You shouldn’t have to starve yourself to look good or feel healthy. It’s definitely not a good idea to cut your portions down so much that you’re barely eating.


Why it doesn’t work

Just suddenly drastically changing the way you eat, will not make you more healthy. If you’ve made the resolution to start eating more healthy and working out in the new year, you will not just suddenly become fit.

The reason people quit so easily is that their goals are too great. They change their lifestyle so drastically that they cannot keep it up for more than a few weeks. They feel hungry or exhausted all the time and they don’t enjoy the food they’re eating. Sound familiar?

The better alternative

I would suggest that if you want to be more healthy and look after your body, that you don’t call the change ‘a diet’, but a lifestyle. Looking at it as something that you need to keep up for at least a year to see results, will make it less daunting for you.

More reasons why you should call it a change in lifestyle

Reasons why you should not start a dietThis will make it more permanent. If you make the decision to stop eating junk food completely, you probably will cheat your diet within a week. But putting a limitation on your junk food intake and sticking to your new lifestyle, you will see results over time instead of quitting within a week or two.

You will also hate it less. We all need a piece of chocolate every now and then. Just limit it to a healthy amount each week. Allocate days for junk food, but don’t overdo it. You are allowed to enjoy your healthy food, it doesn’t have to be disgusting and grey without flavour. There are so many resources out there that grant you access to a bunch of healthy recipes that will still keep you full.

You will be less inclined to cheat because you’re not completely deprived of all things that are nice and unhealthy. It will be a permanent change that doesn’t suck as much.

How to start the change and stick to it

Reasons why you should not start a diet

Don’t start by cutting out everything all at once. This will end up with you eating ice-cream on the floor at 3 am because you’re craving sugar.

Set realistic goals for each week and follow your plan. Soon you will form a new habit of eating healthy foods and you will never look back.

Tell as many people as you can. This will pressure you into sticking with your new lifestyle.

Be realistic about your expectations.

Be patient

You’re not going to see results immediately. You’re not going to have huge abs or thin legs, but you will be healthy and you will feel better in your body as it changes to its natural healthy shape.

It will take time and commitment, but you will definitely not regret it.

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Marni xox

Why You Should NOT Go On a Diet!

15 thoughts on “Why You Should NOT Go On a Diet!”

  1. I agree. I have been on diets before and lost weight but then put it back on straight away. I think making small changes a step at a time can work out better in the end.

  2. Great post i agree eating better is more about a lifestyle change than dieting. Being patient too is a goid idea as its not something that can happen overnight it takes time to get good habits stick.

  3. Oh I love this post! I’m always preaching the above… Just make healthier lifestyle/diet changes and move a little more and that’s it!

  4. Love this! I think a change in lifestyle is a much better term and one that is more about making a gradual shift opposed to a complete overhaul that doesn’t stick.

  5. I so agree with this. Diets do not work. They just deprive you of the things you need/want. Lifestyle change really is the way forward. I’ve got into a really great habit of eating healthy and looking after my body and I’ve lost more weight this way than from any diet I’ve ever been on. I never deprive myself of things like chocolate, but I eat healthy 90% of the time. x

    1. Wow that’s awesome! I have the same mentality. I would never deprive myself of chocolate, I wouldn’t be able to give it up? good for you that you’re able to keep healthy! ?

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