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Every Blogger Needs This Tool!

As a blogger, you use quite a few tools to make life easier. There are a bunch of plugins and other services that you can use to make most of the processes on your blog automatic.

But the thing is, to use all of these websites and services, you need to create accounts. For each account there is a different username and password. I have finally stopped using my generic password for all of my accounts, so I have a lot of new passwords to remember.

Unfortunately I will have to write it down somewhere so I don’t forget them. This all takes time. And my fellow bloggers will know that every minute is precious when you have to write blog posts and manage a bunch of social media accounts during the day.

This tool is not just for bloggers. It’s useful for anyone that has more than one online account and they don’t want to struggle remembering passwords or changing them each time they log in.

Dashlane Password Manager

I was searching online for a service that will allow you to store your passwords and login information securely and I was not disappointed.

Dashlane is the world’s best password manager and digital wallet, with over 3 million users who already trust them to secure their digital lives. Their free apps are available for Mac, PC, iOS and Android and has users across the globe.

I’ve been using Dashlane for a month now and it has been amazing. Here are some of its features:

  • Whenever you are creating a new account, Dashlane can generate a strong random password for you and saves it automatically to your database of passwords.
  • The best part of the program is that they have a browser integration that will log you into your accounts automatically after you have entered your super secret (and the only password not stored by Dashlane) passcode to open your database of passwords. You have to enter the passcode every time you open the Dashlane app to enable the browser extension, so it’s super secure.
  • Dashlane even stores other login information like usernames and emails you used. It also stores your form data so you can save time when you have to fill in all your information for the billionth time.
  • You can copy usernames and passwords directly from the Dashlane app if you need to type it in on another website than the one Dashlane has saved.
  • Every time you log in on a website and it’s not in your database yet, Dashlane asks to store the login information for you.
  • The best part about it? It’s free! You even get a free month of the premium version if you sign up. The premium version enables your passwords to sync across your desktop and mobile apps and does an automatic update of your information.

It’s super simple to use and I would really recommend this service. It has really made everything so much more convenient. I could log into multiple accounts within seconds and start working on my blog and other projects.

I hope that I was able to make someone’s life easier today. Comment below if you’ve tried this service and what your thoughts are.

Marni xox

The tool every blogger needs to make their life easier. Sign up today and get your first month premium for free!

18 thoughts on “Every Blogger Needs This Tool!”

  1. What a great idea! I have several different passwords and although my computer remembers them, I have a nightmare when I somehow get logged out! I definitely need this in my life! haha

  2. Such a great tool I didn’t ever know of, thanks for sharing this! This is essential and I bet will help me with my multiple accounts. Been having trouble in the past trying to reset my passwords now and then.

  3. I’ve never heard of this before , I could definately use this tool! I have so many different passwords and then forget what one is for what! X

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