About Us

Hey there! I'm Jenny from Singapore.

I grew up surrounded by age-old herbs and remedies because of my family's deep connection to traditional Chinese medicine. After finishing uni, I jumped straight into the corporate world. A promotion a couple of years in seemed great, but it came with sleepless nights and gnawing anxiety. I tried everything - yoga, meditation, even chatting with therapists. But guess what? The game-changer was right under my nose. Encouraged by my family, I gave blue lotus and a few other herbs a shot. Coupled with meditation, it was like a cloud lifting.

This journey made me think. In our crazy-busy lives, shouldn't we have natural, wholesome ways to relax and stay balanced? That spark of thought led me to create "ThatBlueFlower" in late 2022. With my family by my side, we've learned to pick out the best herbs - by their look, smell, even how they feel. And the cherry on top? We've teamed up with small family-owned farms in Thailand to ensure what you get is fresh and top-notch.

Dive into nature's best with ThatBlueFlower. We can't wait to be part of your wellness journey!