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Procrastinating? – How to Stop Right Now!

I bet that most of you reading this should be doing something else right now. (That the definition of procrastinating for those of you who always work effectively) I hope that you stumbled upon this looking for a way to stop wasting time and doing the things you need to. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! (I’m a poet and I know it 😉 ) As a former professional procrastinator, I’ll be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to break this bad habit of yours. If I can do it, you can too!

Start making lists

Procrastinating? Here are my tips on losing this habit.This is something that might scare you into actually starting your work and finishing it on time. If you see the amount of work that needs to be done by a certain time and you put to do’s all over your wall, the chances that you’ll still be watching YouTube is slim.

So, download an app (don’t use this as an excuse to check Twitter!) and set reminders. Just don’t spend so much time writing your lists that you use that as your procrastination station (I’m watching you).

Don’t try to be perfect

I’m looking at you, perfectionists! Believe me, I know what’s going on in your mind. You don’t want to start working because you’re afraid of not having enough time to finish it perfectly. You’re obsessing over doing it perfectly, but instead of using the time you have, you put it off till the last second.

Procrastinating? Here are my tips on losing this habit.

I’ve been there. It does not work! If you’re going to wait till the timing is exactly right, you’re never going to get started. So suck it up, accept defeat and power through it. You’ll have more time to perfect it afterwards.

Try looking at the bigger picture

There’s a reason for everything you’re doing. Whether it’s to graduate, get promoted or to get by for this month, what you do today will affect the progress you make to reach your ultimate goal. So think about that when you’re staring into space looking for your motivation. Your work is not in the clouds, get your head outta there.

Try to imagine the feeling of finally reaching your goal and put that energy into the work you still have to do. Imagine reaching it a month sooner than you planned. You’ll have more time to celebrate afterwards.

Procrastinating? Here are my tips on losing this habit.Lock the apps on your phone

If you’re prone to endless scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… get an app to lock those apps for the period of time you need to finish your stuff. Believe me, your feed will look exactly the same in a few hours. And you’ll get to catch up on the social-meeds without a feeling of shame.

This app works really well, because every time you try to access it, it tells you to stop.

Watch later playlist

YouTube. One of the best and worst things of this generation. It’s great because you can watch practically anything on there. There are comedians, beauty gurus, and all sorts of gaming channels, to name a few. The problem isn’t watching your fav once a week and having a laugh. No, it’s browsing the Recommended Videos for hours on end. By the time you realise what you’re doing, you’re watching a compilation of some guy saying the word “moist” for 15 minutes.

Procrastinating? Here are my tips on losing this habit.

This has probably happened to the best of us: ending up somewhere you have no idea how you got there, but still watching it.

I have the solution. Start using your ‘Watch later’ playlist that YouTube creates for you automatically (if you’re logged in). Whenever you’re catching up on your weekly uploads from your subscribed channels and you see something interesting in your Recommended Videos, add it to the ‘Watch later’ playlist for your off days.

The reason why we keep on watching recommended videos for hours on end is that we’re afraid of missing out on something entertaining or a new YouTuber that we could discover. By adding it to the playlist, we fulfil the need to not miss out.

The thing is, you’ll probably scroll through those videos later and delete most of them; even wonder why the heck you saved some of those. This will help a lot with your productivity and you won’t miss out on any viral videos.

(Wo)Man up and just do it

I know it sucks to be working this time of the year. If it’s any consolation, Christmas is nearly upon us and you get to take some time off for the holidays. I will be doing a post that gives you tips for handling the stress at the end of the year soon.

Just push through. Work a little overtime, go to bed a little bit later and finish everything so you get to enjoy your holidays stress-free. I believe in you!

I’m going to stop hanging around the house now and force myself to write. If I don’t, who will?



Procrastinating? - How to Stop Right Now!