My road to a positive body-image
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My Road to a Positive Body-Image

 Causes of negative body-image

Road to a positive body-image

I speak out of personal experience when I say that it’s hard being a girl in 2017. And I know people will tell me to just ignore the expectations being placed on women because of social media. To you, I say, “You are kidding yourself.” How can I ignore something that’s in my face all the time? If I want to stop myself from being exposed to these things, I’d have to move to some desert island. There’s no way to escape it all. Do you watch movies? Well, I bet there’s some unrealistic thing happening in there that makes little girls wonder why they are not like that.

That’s my main problem with this. I’m used to it by now. I know I will never reach their level of ‘beauty’, but for a little kid, it can be devastating to think that they are ugly because of some stereotype in a movie.

My Road to a Positive Body-Image

I know it’s not just women affected by it. I know many guys who wish they looked like the Baywatch lifeguards. This causes them to look at their own bodies with disgust.

We start comparing ourselves to actors and models and develop a negative body-image.


I’m not saying that all actors are fake or trying to make the rest of us feel bad, I’m talking about the way the media portrays it as a necessity to be accepted into society.


I hate those movies where the girl wears glasses and has braces and she’s bullied because she’s ‘ugly’. Then comes the part that really grinds my gears: the makeover. Suddenly she wears her hair down, gets contacts and they remove her braces. Then she gets the guy of her dreams (usually the main jock) to fall for her. All because she changed the way she dressed. If that’s not the most shallow thing you’ve ever seen, then I would love to hear about it.

Rant over.

Some personal experiences

If this is going to be a journey, I need to set some goals and later reflect on them. You can do this with me if you want to. I’ll probably give some feedback in a few months and let you know how it’s going.

My Road to a Positive Body-Image

I’ve always struggled to accept the way I look. I’m quite short and it’s usually the first thing pointed out by anyone I meet for the first time. It would have been fine if it was just strangers pointing it out because they should not affect the way I feel about myself. But having my friends and family constantly reminding me of this one thing that I could never hope to change about my body, created a block. It stops me from accepting myself. Even on the days when I feel most beautiful and I look at photos and all I can see is how short I am compared to my friends.

My younger brother got the good genes. He’s tall and lanky and can play sports. It’s something that has also played a part in my negative self-image.

My goals

I have to accept that I will never be taller. There is nothing I can do about it. I have to accept that I will never find jeans that fit me perfectly because either the legs are too long or the waist is too small.

I want to be able to look past the negative aspects of my height and embrace it. I am cute and cuddly after all.

I want to accept the fact that I have cellulite and that I will never be super thin. And that’s okay. Your body shape is very dependant on your genes, so even if you work out like crazy, you will never be able to drastically change your body (in a way that is healthy).

I’m going to take care of my body by eating enough and eating healthy foods. I’m a big chocolate-lover, so I seriously need to cut back on my sugar intake.

I will also start working out to sleep better and prevent issues later in my life. I am a lazy bean, so I won’t be lifting any weights, but I will probably be spending some time swimming. Click here to read more about why swimming is the best exercise.

Overall, I want to be more content with who I am. This will also be dependant on the people I surround myself with. I will be following my own advice of getting rid of toxic people in your life.

My Road to a Positive Body-Image

Give it time

Obviously, it’s not going to change once I publish this. It will take time and endurance. But I will get there. You will get there. It is possible to love yourself and not be vain.

I’m glad that I’m able to share this. It will serve as a reminder to me that I am beautiful and unique and how I feel about myself should not depend on other people, but only what I choose to believe.

We are all made beautiful by God and He would not want us to feel bad about His handiwork. I hope that we can grow together and support one another.

Marni xox

My road to a positive body-image

23 thoughts on “My Road to a Positive Body-Image”

  1. I’m currently teaching my 14 year old about body image and that we are all different . There is now ‘perfect’ . Great post lovely xx

  2. I struggled after i had my first child and wasn’t working, lost myself and who I was. now I’m over 30 I’ve accepted myself better and much more relaxed with it.ivr got twin girls and I’m so aware that I have to help grow them up to accept and love themselves

    1. I’m glad you’ve come to terms with who you are. I’m still working on ot, hopefully I will be able to grow this year and focus on myself a bit.

  3. I so agree about the shallow movie plot of a makeover making the boy like you. Its always rubbed me wrong. Cause what about us short, freckly, not so gorgeous girls that still would not be gorgeous with a makeover. We are who God made us. Great post. 🙂

  4. It’s so difficult living in a world where body shaming is so common. You can have ANY body shape and someone will always have something negative to say. We all just need to learn to embrace ourselves how we are. Very good post addressing an issue I think everyone struggles with.

  5. It definitely sounds like you are taking control and have set some fantastic goals! I think its so hard to create a positive body image especially when the media are forever picking at celebs (too thin, too fat, it seems like nobody can just be happy nowadays!).

  6. I find makeover scenes utterly ridiculous!!! And they just reinforce the wrong message that beauty and appearance are all it matters. This post is so inspirational! Well said!

  7. We are shown so many images of men and women that are either not realistic for people to achieve or are literally fake. I think you are on the right road trying to challenge these issues and I will look forward to following your journey

  8. I am of the opinion that as long as you are healthy it doesn’t matter what size and shape you are. I love swimming too as I cannot run due to my arthritis

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