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The Start of a Blogging Journey

Of course, this is quite daunting. This is my first post that I have to impress you with somehow. I guess I’ll just be myself and see what happens. We all could use a bit of sincerity; the internet is messed up enough as it is.

“Look, Mom!”

Follow me on this journey of discovery and experiences!I’ll start with a┬áscenario. Have you ever done something for the first time or figured it out all by yourself in your teenage/ young adult life and nearly said something like, “Look, Mom!”? I want to call this a Look-Mom moment because they are the moments in life where you wished you had someone to share it with.

And it’s hard, right? When you’re supposed to be all grown up and mature, we are denied more and more of these Look-Mom moments where you can show off your newly-found skills or just tell someone about your recent experiences.

I know for a fact that this happens to me. An example I’m sure many of you can relate to is when I used my debit card for the first time. I was probably 16 or so. My parents are quite strict and even though I never gave them any reason to believe I was impulsive or untrustworthy, they did not want my me or my brother to use the money in our savings accounts. So by the time I used my card for the first time, it was something so foreign and exciting that I just had to share it with everyone.

The result? Complete lack of interest.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt so nervous to type in my pin for the first time. Thoughts were going through my head, “What if it’s declined?” “What if they think I stole the card?” But alas, it worked and I went on my way. I felt so proud of that moment. It was one of the first things associated with becoming an adult and I had mastered it!

Never stop celebratingFollow me on this journey of discovery and experiences!

If you ever feel like you have something to share with the people around you and they just don’t seem to be interested, send me an email. I’m serious. These moments are meant to be shared, they are an important part of your journey growing up.

I believe that everyone should be proud of these little accomplishments as well as your big victories. We should celebrate ourselves and everything we do.

I hope you can be proud of what you accomplished today.

Marni xox

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