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Why Swimming is the Best Exercise

Stay fit during winter. Hit the pool!

You probably think I’m crazy. Who would want to swim in the winter? Well if you live in the Northern hemisphere, you’re well on your way to some very cold weather. And I know how it goes. You won’t go running, cause it’s freezing. You won’t go to the gym, cause it’s too cold. So all your hard work to get into shape and stay healthy will go right out the window.

During winter we are prone to eat more because our bodies want more isolation against the cold. We tend to drink hot drinks (with lots of sugar) and eat lots of carbs while sitting inside waiting for the summer to come back.

If you’re lucky enough to live south of the equator, it’s probably too hot to breathe right now. You should also keep on reading. You can’t just lie on the beach all day without getting some exercise.

Here are my reasons why swimming is great exercise:

Stay fit during winter. Hit the pool!1. It’s super fun

I don’t really like working out, so this is very important to me. If I’m not having fun while doing it, I’ll probably conjure up some excuse to stop doing it.

You don’t have to swim laps while swimming. Although that’s the best way to get fit, you can start out easy with some water games. Make it fun so you’ll keep doing it.

2. Indoor swimming pools

If it’s winter, no problem. Just swim indoors in a heated pool. It’s a nice alternative to sitting in front of a fireplace eating s’mores.

Also, swimming is great for cooling off during the summer. And an added bonus: you won’t smell like sweat.Stay fit during winter. Hit the pool!

3. Full body workout

Swimming uses most of your body’s muscles. It’s not heavy lifting or anything, but it will definitely help you lose body fat and tone some muscles.

If you just spend 30 minutes a day swimming laps against time, you’ll see some results in no time.

4. Why do you still need convincing?

Who doesn’t want an excuse to buy more cute swimsuits? It’s for your workout after all…

I hope I have inspired someone to go take a dip. I promise you won’t regret making the time to take care of your body.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my tan. Sea you soon.

Marni xox

Why Swimming is the Best Exercise